What is your level ?


Suitable for active families with children of all ages. There will be child friendly facilities in huts, and distances, terrain and level of physicality will be carefully designed to ensure a pleasant family experience.


Easy trails, shorter distances and suitable for people with no prior mountain experience. Physicality is not very challenging, although participants should still be able to hike 10-15 km without problems on a flat road. Suitable for children above the age of 8.

Up to 15 km of distance and

600 meters of vertical gain/loss per day


Trails with longer, technical pages and sometimes only marked sparingly. Participants have hiked in the Alps or similar environment multiple times and will be familiar with map reading, gps and changeable weather conditions. Not suitable for children.

Up to 25 km of distance and

1800 meters of vertical gain/loss per day


Well maintained and fairly wide trails, but with some challenging segments such as steep inclines and some technical, rocky parts. Fairly good form is necessary. Participants should be able to hike 15-20 km on a flat road with little difficulty. Suitable for children from 12 years of age.

Up to 20 km of distance and

1300 meters of vertical gain/loss per day


Only for very experienced athletes with solid experience of the chosen activity, whether hiking, running, climbing or skiing. Form is optimal and participants should be able to run a half marathon race without much difficulty.


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