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Mallorca Finca-walking: A serene hiking retreat on the Mediterranean Island

For a hiking holiday that exudes tranquility and charm, escape the bustling party hotspots and delve into the hidden gems of the Mediterranean Island of Mallorca. Here, far from the maddening crowds, you’ll discover the island’s true allure. In this idyllic setting, where stylish Fincas grace the landscape, many boasting inviting pools for post-hike relaxation, a sunny island vacation takes on a whole new dimension.

Unveiling the allure of Finca-walking in Mallorca

Mallorca emanates a unique ambiance that permeates its diverse landscapes. Whether you’re exploring the turquoise bay of Coll Baix on the La Victòria peninsula, wandering through lush fruit groves in the Orient Valley, or strolling through the artist’s haven of Deia, Mallorca’s Mediterranean beauty will captivate your senses. Let the island’s enchantment wash over you as you breathe in the invigorating sea air.

Highlights of the Mallorca hiking tour

Coastal treks with captivating vistas: Ascend the Penyal d’Honor for the most breathtaking view of Mallorca’s stunning landscapes.

Delicious oranges and olives: Don’t miss the chance to savor the delectable Mediterranean fruits from Sóller and the Orient Valley, a true culinary delight.

Stay in secluded Fincas with pools: Throughout your hiking adventure, unwind in comfortable and stylish country-style Fincas, complete with refreshing pools.

Essential information for your island hike in Mallorca

Every step you take during this six-day hiking journey on the paradise island of Mallorca is rewarded with spectacular views and memorable experiences. Your journey commences in Pollença and takes you through Alcúdia before culminating at the Cuber reservoir. The path continues through quaint villages in the Serra de Tramuntana, passing by the enchanting Coma Sema estate. Savor typical Mallorcan cuisine to fuel your onward journey, which leads you into the bountiful Orient Valley, aptly named the ‘Orchard of the island.’ Along the way, you’ll encounter the pilgrimage site of Castell d’Alaró and reach the summit of Penyal d’Honor, affording magnificent panoramic views of the entire island. The final stage of your hiking adventure leads to the artistic enclave of Deia, and ultimately to Sóller via the picturesque post office and an exploration of an ancient mill. This luggage-free hiking trip requires no extensive hiking experience, but a moderate level of fitness is beneficial for some of the smaller climbs.

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the dream island of Mallorca. Book your hiking holiday now!

Active holidays with charm

Our ‘Hiking Tours with Charm’ offer the perfect blend of adventure and luxury. Experience the full spectrum of our individual active holidays while residing in exceptional accommodations with that extra touch of magic in prime locations. This means you can anticipate lavish furnishings and decor that embody local style, along with top-notch cuisine. Many of our charming hotels also feature expansive pools and wellness areas where you can unwind after a rewarding day of hiking.

Arrival & Departure

Arrival / Departure:

Palma de Mallorca airport.

By bus to Palma train station and in approx. 1 hour to Pollença (, or by taxi, approx. EUR 80 per ride, about 1 hour to drive.

Return journey by bus from Sóller in approx. 30 minutes to Palma train station and from there by bus to the airport, or by taxi, approx. EUR 50 per ride, about 30 minutes to drive.

Included Services

  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Service hotline
  • Hiking maps + app
  • 6 nights in 4-star hotels
  • Flight
  • Travel insurance

What to bring

Equipment and clothing to bring for Alpine hikes and runs
We’ve compiled a list of essential items you’ll need to take on your adventure in the Great Outdoors. While each trip has its own minimum requirements, we have split the list into “need-to-have” and “nice-to-haves”.

Need to have:

Lightweight, waterproof shell
Sunscreen with a high factor
Smartphone with a relevant trip app and a WhatsApp and code number for your local representative
Survival blanket
Thin hat, cap, and thin gloves (merino or similar)
Daypack for hiking (tours with luggage transport)
Duffel bag or similar (trips with luggage transport) — DO NOT pack in suitcases.
30 L rucksack on trips up to six days (without luggage transport)
40 L rucksack on trips of more than six days (without luggage transport)
Quick-drying inner layer
Shorts (quick drying)
Technical t-shirt (quick drying)
Fleece sweater for cool evenings
A pair of comfortable jogging bottoms or similar for the cabins
Good mountain shoes — trail running shoes or hiking boots
Light towel
Water bottle (1.5 L)
A pair of thick socks or light slippers (you can often borrow a pair in the cabins)
A few energy bars, fruits or similar snacks for the trip
Sheet liner — can also be purchased on-site (only if you are staying in a dormitory)
Small first aid kit
Comped or similar
Sleeping bag (on selected tours)

Nice to have:

Walking poles
Power bank
Sandals for the cabins
Plastic bags to keep things dry


What is your refund and cancellation policy?

If you cancel your tour 60 days or more before the departure date, you will lose your deposit. If you cancel your tour between 60 and 45 days before the departure date, you will lose 50 per cent of the total tour price. If you cancel your tour within 45 days of the departure date, you will lose the full amount. If you fail to turn up on the first day of your tour, Outdoor Italy may not be able to make arrangements for you to join the rest of the tour, and you will lose the full payment. If, for any reason, Outdoor Italy has to cancel your tour, you will be offered an alternative tour or a full refund.

How do I book my tour?

You can book your tour directly on the Outdoor Italy website. Choose the tour from the dropdown menu, select the date you would like to start, and the number of participants in your group. You can either pay a deposit (60 days or more from the start of your tour) or pay the full amount. Click ‘book’ and follow the instructions. Once we have confirmed your payment, you’ll receive your confirmed tour itinerary within 10 days. There may be seasonal variations in the time it takes us to arrange everything. Please note that programmes on the tour pages are only examples — there may be several differences in the final programme you receive.

How do I pay for my tour?

When booking your tour, you can choose to pay by credit/debit card or direct bank transfer. Direct bank transfers will generally take longer to process, while credit and debit card payments are processed instantly. You are, by default, asked to pay a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the tour. If you choose this option, you will be asked to pay the remaining 75% one month before your tour. Please be sure to follow the payment links you receive in your invoice or reminder email, which we will send you when the second payment is due.

Do I get my own room?

This depends on the individual tour and when you book it. When hiking in the Alps, most people stay in dorms or shared rooms as the availability of single, double and family rooms are limited. We can only guarantee your own room on certain tours such as in the Lys and Ayas Valleys — but only if you book in time. If this is your preference, we will do our best to ensure you get your own room, but please expect to spend some nights in shared accommodation if there is limited availability.

Is baggage transfer included with all your Alpine tours?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this service with all our packages. Often, the huts or hotels we work with are in locations that can only be reached by foot or helicopter. Indeed, when choosing a tour that includes baggage transport, there may be one or two exceptions depending on the route. This will appear clearly on the tour page and in the program you receive when your booking has been confirmed.

How many days do your tours last?

All our tours include the day of arrival and the day of departure. This means that a six-day tour will include five nights of accommodation, a seven-day tour will include six nights, and so on. On the first day, guests are usually expected to arrive in the afternoon. And the program does not include any activities except for a briefing by our representative on the first evening. On the day of departure, guests are free to decide if they want to leave directly after breakfast or go on a shorter tour before their journey home.

What meals are included in your Alpine adventure tours?

Most of our tours will include Half Board (HB) services, which means breakfast, a three-course dinner, and a light-packed lunch. Please check the individual tour page for details, however, as variations occur with certain tours.

What is a self-guided tour?

We specialize in self-guided tours. These tours are designed for travelers who love the independence of hiking, skiing, or running on their own but want to know that everything else is taken care of. In some cases, we are able to offer luggage transport to lighten your load as you enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Do you offer group tours?

Whether you’re already a group of friends, business colleagues or a sports club looking for an active mountain adventure, we can design and organize your Alpine tour for you. We also offer guided group tours for individual participants on fixed dates.

Can you create a tour just for me and my friends?

Yes, absolutely! Outdoor Italy can design the perfect mountain adventure for you and your friends or colleagues. Whether you want to hike, ski, run, cycle or climb, we have the expertise and experience needed to create a bespoke package for any level of experience or physicality. Please contact us if you would like us to create a customized package for your group.

Are your outdoor adventure tours family-friendly?

There are few better ways to spend time with your children than with an active holiday in the mountains. Sharing a mountain adventure with your child is a memory that will last a lifetime. We try to design child-friendly variations (marked ‘family’) of all our Alpine tours. Children can hike, ski or bike a lot longer than you might expect, as long as you make it entertaining for them. However, they will respond instantly to the way you behave, so please consider whether you are able to create a safe environment for your children when faced with the many different challenges of an alpine environment.

Do you offer discounts for children?

Yes, we are able to offer a discount for children on most of our tours, provided they are not yet 13 years of age on the first day of the tour. Please see the individual tour page for our child discounts.

Can I travel on my own?

Many single travellers chose Outdoor Italy due to our high level of service and our expertise in self-guided mountain tours. And the safety of one of our representatives will only ever be just a phone call away. However, please expect additional costs, as our prices are based on two persons — the industry standard for outdoor tours of this nature. Private rooms and other services are often more expensive for individual travellers. You can find information about any additional costs for individual travellers on the tour page.

Will I manage?

We are all different. Some of our clients are 70+ and have lived an active lifestyle all their life. Others may be twenty years younger and have barely left their office chair. It is very difficult to judge the physical and mental ability of a person on the basis of a phone conversation. If you are in doubt, each tour is rated for level of physicality, which you can learn more about here. You are of course welcome to call us and we will do our best to advice you. Find your level of physicality here (link to Find your level page).

What if I get lost?

Our local partners know every square inch of this beautiful Alpine region. During the introductory briefing, you will receive an app, physical maps and a phone number to call if you need advice. In some cases, you’ll be able to forward your location to a local guide with the press of a button. This may prove helpful if you become lost.

Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend that you speak to your insurance provider to ensure your existing policy covers mountain-based activities such as hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. Please note that any costs relating to emergency situations and the potential need for evacuation are the sole responsibility of the client.

Will I be able to cope with the physical challenge?

We are all different. Some of our clients are more than 70 years old and have lived an active lifestyle all their life. Others are twenty years younger and have barely left their office chair. It is very difficult to judge the physical and mental capabilities of a person on the basis of a phone conversation. If you are in doubt, each tour is rated for the level of physicality involved, which you can learn more about on our Find Your Level page. You are, of course, welcome to call us, and we will do our best to advise you.

Can I bring my dog?

Enjoying the mountains with your best friend can be a joyful experience, which is why we try to make our tours dog friendly wherever possible. Unfortunately, it is not always possible due to local rules. Selected tours are marked ‘Dog Friendly’ on the tour page. This means that your dog can stay with you in your private room or, in a few cases, the hut will have a separate or external room for dogs. Please refer to the individual tour page for more information.

*This tour is based on a minimum of two participants. Only the services mentioned above are included in the price. Luggage transfer is only available for two or more participants.


Escape the party scene and discover the serene beauty of Mallorca on a hiking retreat. Explore hidden gems, from turquoise bays to lush groves, while staying in stylish Fincas with pools. Enjoy coastal treks, culinary delights, and a luggage-free adventure. This six-day journey offers enchanting vistas and charming accommodations.


Total distance: 62 km
H+: 2140 m
H-: 2980 m
Level: Medium


Arrival in Pollença

Situated on the foothills of the “Serra de Tramuntana” you are expected by the typical Mallorquin town Pollença. You walk through the narrow streets of the old town, have a „Café con Leche“ on the “Plaza Major” or you walk up the Calvary covered in cypresses and enjoy the panoramic view.


Costal hike on the peninsula Alcúdia

One of the hiking classics of Mallorca, the peninsula La Victòria, is situated between the bay of Pollença and Alcúdia. The route leads along the coastline and up to a wonderful top of a cliff. A switchback with lots of endless panoramic views, and the possibility to go swimming in the turquoise bay „Boll Baix“, leads you over smooth tops back to Alcúdia.

  • 15 km
  • 690 m
  • 820 m
  • 5,5 hours

Pollença – Orient/Alaró

Short transfer to the Cuber Reservoir. You are presented an interesting scenery with tall grass, marked rocks and stony paths. On your way through the impressive „Serra de Tramuntana“ you can enjoy the view over sunny cliff coasts and fertile valleys. You go past the manor „Coma Sema“, once one of the biggest olive farmers of the island, until you reach the magic Orient-valley.

  • 11 km
  • 220 m
  • 540 m
  •  4-4,5 hours

Circular walk Castell d'Alaró

Today the exploration of the Orient-valley, the orchard of Mallorca, is next up on the agenda. The acropolis hill is seen from afar on your way over the „Coll d`Orient“. Through holly oak forests and with views of a picturesque scenery, you walk towards the Castell d`Alaro, a pilgrimage site with a hermitage. On your way back you really should try one of the specialities from the Finca Es Verger.

  • 12 km
  • 490 m
  •  510 m
  •  4 hours

Orient/Alaró – Bunyola – Sóller

On lonely trails you leave Orient towards an alpine region with a long-drawn-out rock ledge of the northwest face. On your tour towards Bunyola you are going to discover one of the mountain tops, Penyals d`Honor, on foot. Arrived at the top, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the island lowlands and the bay of Palma. In Bunyola you take the old tram „Roter Blitz“ to Sóller.

  • 14 km
  • 440 m
  • 680 m
  • 5 hours

Coastwalking from Deia to Sóller

Transfer to the bohemian town Deia, the jewel of the westcoast. You start your tour in the bay of Deia along the rocky coast and up to the romantic mailing rout to Sóller. The backdrop with its impressive coastal scenery will fascinate you. The sightseeing tour of an old oil mill, a freshly squeezed orange juice and the trail through numerous olive orchards will round off your day.

  • 10 km
  • 310 m
  • 430 m
  •  4 hours

Departure or extra days

Departure or extra days

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